Q: What are the benefits for my organisation?

A: Leader's Voice® builds leaders' capability to be clear, powerful and connected – essential in today's world where people throughout organisations are demanding clarity and authenticity.

Q: I seldom speak to large groups. Would Leader's Voice® benefit me?

A: Leader's Voice® is about developing your authentic voice, whether in 1:1 conversations, small group meetings or large scale speeches or presentations.

Q: You say Leader's Voice® is about authenticity. I often have to give scripted messages that have come from above. How does this fit?

A: This is a very common circumstance for leaders in organisations. We firmly believe you can deliver scripted messages in an authentic way. The challenge is to make the message your own. This is one of the reasons we ask you to bring a piece to practice with that you have not written yourself. This is both values and skills work, bringing the inner and outer journeys of the experience together.

Q: What does the “internal journey” really mean?

A: The internal journey refers to things like your values system, your emotional self, beliefs you hold about yourself and internal barriers that keep you from being as powerful in expressing yourself as you could be. The journey is the process you will go through in working with these areas.

Q: Is Leader's Voice® just for senior leaders or can anyone benefit from it?

A: We all have occasions where our voices need to be heard. Leader's Voice® is a development experience that can apply to anyone. At the same time, it is particularly targeted at those who have attained or aspire to a leadership role. Senior leaders are meant to be heard regularly and thus it is particularly appropriate for their roles.

Q: Is it possible to get individual coaching in the Leader's Voice® concepts as an alternative to attending a group experience?

A: While we recommend that people attend in a group setting for the value of feedback from other participants, we understand that in some cases that may not be appropriate and we are happy to organise an experience that works for an individual.

Example 1: A highly intelligent, soft spoken senior Latin American executive who was transferred to the UK into a management environment that was much more forceful and assertive he was used to. The result is an executive who while remaining true to himself, is confident, purposeful and successful in moving his agenda forward with his peers and global team.

Example 2: A successful engineer who was moved into a senior technology position requiring leadership, presence and influence. The result is an individual who can speak clearly, purposefully and passionately about technical direction, proposals and resource requirements.

Example 3: A senior government official, moving to a post with much more public scrutiny, requiring a safe and confidential development environment. The result is a senior figure who when confronted by the press or addressing his constituents, sticks to his principles and values, responds to questions with clarity and purpose and communicates an agenda with confidence and impact.

Q: Could I bring a team and use Leader's Voice® as a team development process?

A: Definitely. The experience not only brings the team to a stronger place in terms of relationship and ability to give each other feedback, it also gives everyone a powerful set of skills and capabilities that won't disappear when the session is over.

Example 1: The leadership team of an air services company who were moving into an HRO (High Reliability Organisation) environment and needed to openness and clarity with each other as well as speaking with purpose and one voice when engaging the workforce. A particular result was the leadership team organising and running an engagement session for over 100 staff demonstrating confidence, connection and a single voice regarding purpose and values.

Example 2: An IT leadership team for a multi-national corporation who faced with a very demanding set of targets wanted to establish their credibility as true business partners. The result was a team of tightly connected individuals with a shape and brand and a powerful way of both individually and collectively addressing and engaging their business board.

Example 3: The board of an African National Oil Company faced with modernising and expanding their business from a “government” entity to a commercial global force sought a way of collectively and individually communicating their vision to their staff, their government stakeholders and the international energy and banking community. The result was a group of 5 senior executives who could, with confidence and authenticity, address any group of stakeholders. In the following months they received plaudits from the government, their staff, investment bankers and business partners for their clarity, openness and deep sense of commitment.

Q: Is Leader's Voice® a presentation skills training course?

A: The Leader's Voice® experience will definitely improve your capability for powerful and impactful presentations. It addresses you and your authentic voice, which are the most important elements of a powerful presentation. It doesn't address things like how to structure a presentation or creating good visual aids which are the domain of basic presentation skills courses.

Q: Does Leader's Voice® always have to be run in a studio?

A: Leader's Voice® needs to run in a studio environment, which means either in professional studio locations around the world, or using our on-location studio equipment which can set up in a variety of locations. We only need to assure that the location offers appropriate sound isolation to give a pure sound experience to participants. When focusing specifically on the voice, we want excellent sound capture and reproduction. Most of us have never heard our voice recorded and played back in an environment with equipment specifically designed for exactly that. It's quite dramatic.

Q: Does the Leader's Voice cater for different cultures?

A: Leader's Voice® has been run worldwide with people from diverse cultural backgrounds; authentic expression crosses cultures and the programme builds an awareness of how that can show up differently.

Q: What if English isn't my first language?

A: Leader's Voice® is facilitated in English, but participants are encouraged to use their preferred language for the voice recording aspects.

Q: What if I'm really nervous about speaking in front of people, especially with microphones - will this help?

A: You would be surprised by how many people have very similar issues. Leader's Voice® is designed to work with these issues very directly. Most people finish the experience with a clearly improved sense of confidence in speaking in front of others, few or many, microphones or not.