How It Works

I've discovered that this isn't about learning how to speak better, it's about us, being more whole with our voices

Learn more about the speaker within
  • Internal consistency and integrity
  • Values and emotional drivers
  • Understanding our own intent and purpose
  • Addressing our own barriers to full expression
  • Responsibility and taking the space we are given
  • Accessing the different voices within us
  • Including intent and care in our speaking
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I came away actually liking the sound of my own voice

Learn more about improving the brushstrokes
  • Centred breathing, balance and confidence
  • A breathing cycle for speaking
  • Pace
  • Energy, volume and their distinctions
  • Breaking a few old habits

The three domains, in the way I now understand them, keeps coming back to me as a powerful way of considering how and what I have to say

Learn more about creating the message
  • Facts, symbols and emotion
  • Speaking to the listener, be it one or many
  • Balancing spontaneity with intent and purpose
  • Messages "scripted" by or driven by others
  • The use of metaphor, accessing the poet in both speaker and listener