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A microphone at Abbey Road studios

Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios need almost no introduction; these world famous recording studios in St John's Wood, London, have been home to a great variety of well-known musicians, singers, composers and producers since 1930 - although the name “Abbey Road” wasn't adopted until 1970 after the release of the Beatles album with the same name. Abbey Road Studios was granted Grade II listed status in 2010 in recognition of its historic role in shaping British music; while internal alterations will still be possible, this means that it will protected from any plans to radically alter it in the future.

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Kore Studios in London

Kore Studios

Kore Studios is a purpose built recording studio in West London that was opened by producer George Apsion in 2004. Over the last eight years it has gained a reputation as one of the most technically accomplished and reliable recording spaces in the country. Kore's client base includes acclaimed artists and producers from the UK / Europe, such as the Rolling Stones, Florence and the Machine and Plan B. These achievements were given international recognition when they were awarded the prestigious 'Best Studio" title at the Music Producers Guild Awards 2010. Kore continues to focus on providing its clients with a relaxed and creative environment, backed up by a superb collection of rare and esoteric recording equipment.

Castlesound Studios in Scotland

Castlesound Studios

Castlesound Studios is one of Scotland's largest and most established recording studios, located within a striking Victorian building and boasting large, day lit recording areas. Formed in 1973, the studio has earned an excellent international reputation, with recent clients as varied as REM and Mark Knopfler to Disney Pixar and the BBC. They also play host to the leading artists in all fields of music in Scotland. They continue to invest in the latest technology, such as their SSL AWS948 mixing desk and Pro Tools HDX recording system, which live alongside some classic recording equipment from the past. The studio provides a pleasurable and creative atmosphere ensuring the best possible results for its clients.

Our project studios

Our Project Studios

We have our own studio equipment including professional studio grade microphones, monitors and a portable mixing desk – this gives us the flexibility to run different kinds of Leader's Voice® programmes in almost any location with low noise levels and the right kind of space.