Who We Are

Who We Are

Ken Ideus

Ken's Bio

Ken Ideus, the primary designer and lead facilitator for Leader's Voice® has remained on the leading edge of human development for his entire career, now spanning 40 years. His work has taken him to nearly 50 countries during that time and has included successful careers in both corporate and independent business. Ken has been identified as one of the most effective personal and executive coaches in the industry. Born in the US and living in London for the past 20 years, his academic qualifications include both an MA and a PhD in Education.

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Marion Pidgeon

Marion's Bio

Marion Pidgeon has worked in the individual and organisational development sphere for 27 years. She started with an energy major in a learning and development role, moved through various operational HR management positions then set up an independent consultancy in Colombia, where she worked for 5 years. Moving back to the UK in 1996, Marion's commitment to individual development in all its forms, her operational strength, management experience and drive for client satisfaction have perfectly complemented the skills of Ken, with whom she has been a business partner for 14 years.

Leader's Voice®

Brief History of the Programme

Leader's Voice® has been providing rich and powerful development experiences to young, middle and senior leaders for the last 7 years. The Leader's Voice® story began with a series of conversations between Ken and music producer Paul Page who was specialising at that time in helping singer/songwriters get back to authentic voice and fuller expression. From those early conversations emerged a process that fuses insights from music and performance, human development, neuroscience and in-depth leadership coaching. Leader's Voice® has now been run for hundreds of leaders from at least 15 countries and for organisation and industry sectors ranging from Energy, Mining, Finance, Retail, Entertainment, Food and Beverage and Health Care to the Military and NGO's.